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obama canceled his face to face meeting with vladimir putin next month. is the end of the big chill? >> we are old hockey players and we both know that diplomacy like hockey can sometimes result in the occasional collision. >> there will be a press conference tomorrow. ask that question tomorrow. >> the president is expected to make some news today. congressional sources say at his news conference reforming and limiting those controversial surveillance programs. >>> and weiner roast. weiner gets burned door knocking in harlem last night. ♪ >>> and somehow he decided it was a good idea to vent to a reporter from london. >>> good day. i'm andrea mitchell in washington where in just two hours president obama will hold his first full press conference since april. he's expected to respond to the outcry over those surveillance programs according to congressional briefings on those reforms. will that satisfy critics? we have a super panel. chuck todd, chief white house correspondent and host of "the daily rundown" and contributor and host of in play, and a washington diplomatic correspon
" -- president obama speaks out on the escalating crisis in egypt. >> let me say that the egyptian people deserve better than what we've seen over the last several days. and to the egyptian people let me say the cycle of violence and escalation needs to stop. >> after a violent government crackdown triggered clashes across egypt and left more than 500 people dead, president obama addressed the leaders in egypt, strongly condemning the interim government's actions. >> we deplore violence against civilians. we support universal rights essential to human dignity. including the right to peaceful protest. why oppose the pursuit of martial law which denies those rights to citizens under the principle that security trumps individual freedom or that might makes right. >>> the united states has now canceled a joint military exercise with egypt scheduled for next month as that country now faces an uncertain future. >>> good day to you, i'm peter alexander, in for my friend today, and that mitchell. we want to get you caught up. muslim brotherhood marches along the coastal city of alexandria. reports of mus
're not going to be involved. >>> good day. i'm andrea mitchell in washington. president obama pulled the plug on that moscow summit with vladimir putin next month. the latest move of international chess. nbc white house correspondent kristin welker joins us from the white house. kristin, this is only the latest irritant between the two over syria and other issues. this snowden affair certainly was what set them over the edge. >> reporter: it was. this was sort of the straw that broke the camel's back. i've been talking to senior administration officials and they're really stressing that idea this afternoon, that russia's decision to grant snowden temporary asylum is a part of a number of tensions that have existed between the united states and russia leading up to today. that is something that they emphasized in the statement that they put out, andrea. i'll read you part of the statement by jay carney. he says, quote, given our lack of progress on issues such as missile defense and arms control and trade and commercial relations, global security issues, we have informed the russian government
saw them there in front of a hometown crowd while rallying support to defund the obama care act. will republicans buy this high stakes don't blink strategy? >> if you have an impasse you want to know, one side or the other has to blink. how do we win this fight? don't blink! i. >>> well, good day. i'm chris matthews. >> i'm kathleen matthews. . we're in again today for andrea mitchell. we're following two big stories overseas. rebel spokesmen in syria say the brutal regime led by bashar assad has used chemical weapons in a major attack. the casualties could be in the hundreds. right now any use of chemical weapons is unconfirmed, however, by nbc news. >>> meantime, in egypt hosni mubarak, the man a nation pushed out of power during the air ran spring, could leave his prison cell as early as tomorrow. >> of course, he still faces murder charges. this is a momentary release for him. richard engel is live in cairo. richard, it's great to have you on. i'm still impressed by the fact that there's this apparent freedom for president mubarak forward. do people have a sense that he's ou
in the meetings, and what is the dynamic between president obama and vladimire putin. >> i don't think that the dynamic is particularly good or strong. you showed president medvedev who president obama had a very strong working relationship with, and quite frankly, i think that president medvedev wanted to bring russia into the international community in a positive way. i don't think that president putin shares any of those same tendencies, and he seems to thrive off of the domestic political benefit he gets from being veir rently being anti-u.. >> and there are some who say he should go to moscow and confront h him. >> you want to go to the some summit and stop thinking that you agree on everything. >> how refresh iing. >> but i think that the spectacle of, of the relationship of the fact that you wouldn't agree maybe on anything and obviously the backdrop of edward snowden, i don't think that it is quite frankly worth the president's time in a world with a lot of international demands. >> what is putin trying to achieve here? >> well, again, he is probably trying to achieve something
. >> president obama and secretary of state kerry are urgently reaching out to partners in europe and the arab world rallying a coalition for a military response. >> i do think the administration feels like that there's no question chemicals were used. i think they're rallying support around our nato aallies and hopefully come to congress for an authorization when we get back. >> we cannot in the 21st century allow the idea that chemical weapons can be used with impunity, that people can be killed in this way and that there are no consequences for it. and so we believe it's very important that there is a strong response. >> and the 50th anniversary of the march on washington. . >> free at last, free at last, thank god almighty we are free at last. >> over the weekend thousands walked in the footsteps of those civil rights pioneers. heros from 50 years ago and all this week, we'll be bringing you special coverage right here looking back at the key moments of that week in august 1963 that fortified a movement and changed the course of history. today, the women who shaped civil rights with merril
reception. it fits that iowa grass roots republican activist best. washington isn't working. barack obama is leading the country in the wrong direction. i'm a guy not willing to go along to get along. his message, i don't think there's a question really does resound there. >> another man whose message resounds there, when you consider the fact it was last year that rick santorum won the iowa caucuses, he made the headlines attacking the romney campaign, crediting president obama where he described it, at least making an effort to do the same. he's hardly a moderate. how does the party expand its base when see the more conservative candidates? >> taking more of an economic populous approach, you don't retreat on conservatism, but appeal to more working class americans by reaching out to them. the challenge, of course, is policy and ultimately that's where it gets tough for some in a working class americans where polling shows like government programs to a certain degree. as far as santorum in iowa goes, he did it the old fashioned way in 2012. all 99 counties, he courted voter by voter and
be asking is what will we do? let me emphasize, president obama, we in the united states, we believe in the united nations. and we have great respect for the brave inspectors who endured regime gunfire and obstructions to their investigation. but as ban ki-moon, the secretary general has said again and again, the u.n. investigation will not affirm who used these chemical weapons. that is not the mandate of the u.n. investigation. th they will only affirm whether such weapons were used. by the definition of their own mandate, the u.n. can't tell us anything that we haven't shared with you this afternoon or that we don't already know. and because of the guaranteed russian obstructionism of any action through the u.n. security council, the u.n. cannot galvanize the world to act as it should. so let me be clear. we will continue talking to the congress, talking to our allies and most importantly talking to the american people. president obama will ensure that the united states of america makes our own decisions on our own timelines based on our values and our interests. we know that afte
president obama ignore the growing chorus calling to cut off u.s. aid? >> for us to sit by and watch this happen, is a violation of everything that we stood for and when we threaten something,. >>> ray kelley doubles down defending the law enforcement tactic. >> if a program like stop and frisk is abandoned, will people die? >> well, i think, no question about it, violent crime will go up. >> a san diego mayor -- >> bob filner, the citizens of san diego have a message for you. it's time to resign. >> i'm chris matthews. so anchoring with -- -- we want to begin tied with the ongoing crisis in egypt. enter islamic militants are on the ground taking responsibility for the execution style killing of egyptian police in the north si sinai peninsula. the lawyers for hosni mubarak says their client should be released from custody in the next few days until any court proceedings begin against the former president. >> reporter: chris, a lot of moving pieces here, showing how volatile this situation has become. you mentioned the killing of 25 police soldiers, police conscripts in the northern s
cain very interestingly are traveling to egypt at the request of president obama. they've often gone off on their own and they are the most experienced foreign policy hands on republican side there but the fact that they are traveling really as enjoy vois for the white hou white house is very, very significant. before we close this down, what are the next steps? i'm told routine steps will be to try to either confirm or deny, knock down this threat, check with foreign intelligence services, and also beef up security either the marine guards or local security, national, foreign nationals at these posts, to the extent that they could then keep them open. but we don't have confirmation yet of this threat from our intelligence allies. >> i guess that's the best way to put it, yes. and in terms of the number one goal for the u.s. intelligence agencies, it is to try to see what more specificity they can get, can they learn more. they'll go back now. the usual procedure is to go back now and look at the take of intelligence, the electronic intelligence that they've gathered to see if they see a
it off because you have so much debt. that's a choice we shouldn't accept. >> president obama this morning, that's him in his first stop on his bus tour, a trip that has been prebutted if you will, reince priebus, head of the rnc. reince priebus said more campaigning isn't going to change the fact that the obama presidency and democratic policies have made life harder for young americans. you can be sure that the president will really take every single opportunity he can to do what he does best, which is talk and talk and talk. that's reince priebus. nbc's kristen welker was on the bus. there she is on the move. see how long this shot lasts. let's use our time on that speeding bus. the president is talking about real-life, kitchen table issues, the challenge of people in their 20s and late teens and their parents in many cases, to decide how much money to spend on college. you know now you'll have to pay it back with interest. >> right, chris. by the way, this is what the bus tour looks like. we're headed to syracuse right now, the second stop. it's about 150 miles. we'll be o
together. identify talked to jesse jackson today and he said this is the moment where president obama needs to do what lbj did and set out a legislative mandate for the dream and that voting rights is a constitutional amendment. that's the focus. that and on economic injustice and equality. >> i think it also puts a spotlight on the relationship between presidents like kennedy or president obama and a leader like martin luther king. let's go back to reality. in the sprachk 1963 president kennedy did not want this march to happen. he thought it would get out of control. he thought it might have speakers like john lewis who would go in directions more radical. he kept his detains. they made arrangements so if someone got too radical in one of the speeches they would play a recording of mahalia jackson sayinging "he inin inin ining - the whole world in his hands." at the end of the day he said i wish the lives. presidents can only do so much. oftentimes it takes a demonstration like this or perhaps demonstrations like the agreement riders of birmingham to push a president to do the things he s
, the obama administration strongly condemns the violence taking place there right now. but how poor or how good, perhaps, is the line of communication between the people making decisions in egypt and the obama administration? both sides and egypt fault the u.s. government, one saying the u.s. was come police sit, the other side saying the u.s. isn't standing behind it? >> well, i think the obama administration has to be extremely disappointed. this has been a terrible day in cairo. the military authorities as steve suggested has miscalculated. they have a short-term plan to take protesters off the street but in the long term they'll deepen the divisions within egypt. the united states is not come police scitsicity -- come polic complicit. the united states has not wanted to consider curtailing or cutting off u.s. military or economic aid. they have to consider that. after today's event it's abundantly clear in the state of emergency that there is a dictatorship in place in egypt and they've profoundly miscalculated today. >> steve, what does this do to the conversation that's being had abo
president obama should go to the american public. and good day. i'm andrea mitchell in washington. the president's national security team and clapper all brief members of congress. but there is strong push back because no details and some of the vacationing members are getting it on their cell phones. earlier today, i spoke with congressman mike rogers chair of the house intelligence committee. he says it is not good enough. thank you so much for joining us. you have written to the president saying that there has been briefings but not detailed military plans. what more do you think congress needs to know before the president authorizes military strikes? >> well, as chairman of the intelligence committee, we get access to the information that larger body of members don't have access to. i think it's very important for legal reasons and for doing the right thing by getting buy in from the congress that the administration talk to a broader set of members to get buy-into the program, to go over the evidence so that when we take what is a very difficult decision, you have buy-in by me
it is -- how nice it is to see jerry lundegren. he's taking orders from the obama campaign on how to run his daughter's campaign. they told him to make a pitch on the internet for the women's vote and he sent a check to anthony weiner. >> let's just tell it like it is. if a doctors told senator mccobble that he had a kidney stone, he'd refuse to pass it! >> minority leader mitch mcconnell taking the stage at the traditional country fancy farm event. half debate, half fryar's host. chuck todd, chris cillizza and casey hunt, just back from covering that fancy farm weekend. chuck, explain fancy farm to anyone who isn't familiar with kentucky politics. >> well, there's -- every state has their big political event. it is usually in the summer. it is usually some sort of picnic. sometimes it is a steak pry. we had a big picnic where i grew up that was done in labor day. in kentucky, fancy farm is this big political gathering where just everybody -- it is sort of a test of organization a little bit but anybody running for office either this year or even next will gather, maybe they'll do some stump
fundamentally changed. the question is, what it will look like in the future. i think president obama and the administration is absolutely right when they say they want and america wants inclusive tolerant institutions in egypt. the question is, how do build them, and we -- the way to build them is not to burn them down. that's why i think we should retain our strong rlelationship with the military. not because we condone it or agree with it, it's the only power in town. if we going rebuild egypts institution, it's better to rebuild from within than burn them down and start from scratch. simply put, the big state is better than no state. that's the only choice facing us nous. >> countries at odds with each other. israel and the non-secular people, the black costuming people, who really want a religious state's in people in northern ireland who want to be forever a part of britain and others who very much want to be a republic of ireland. here are here want sharia led, real islamic law, political power and other people who are just egyptians who want to live the way egyptians have live
independent, that they're still able to go to college and succeed. all right? right here in the obama t-shirt. you know, so if you -- here's a general rule in the presidential town hall. if you want to get called on, wear the president's face on your shirt. >> good afternoon, president obama. my name is ivana smith. i am a graduate student in the college of community and public affairs. i study eastern affairs administration w that being said, as we are all students, we know how vital it is to have a good foundation in your education. how does your administration plan to address the major budget cuts that are happening with headstart schools around the u.s.? >> well, that's a great question and this will be a major topic over the next several months. first of all, i want to expand early childhood education so that it is accessible for every young person in america. and i talked about this -- i talked about this in my state of the union address. it is just common sense. we know, study after study has shown that the biggest bang for the buck that we get when it comes to education is to in
with president obama only last friday emphasizing all of that. they've got a problem. richard? >> reporter: well, it actually leads to another point as well. certainly yemen doesn't want to get painted with the al qaeda brush. the yemeni government is trying very hard to cooperate with united states. in fact, the yemeni president was just at the white house and he's often attacked in the yemeni press for being too close to washington for allowing drone strikes to happen. so to see this mass exodus of people and all of this attention slamming yemen, it certainly is an embarrassment for him in the united states which is the one country where he feels like he's trying to make -- have good relations. but the other point i was making, i've been speaking, as we all have, to counterterrorism officials over the last several days. analysts and some of them, while they understand that this threat was real, they think it was credible, they think it was specific enough to be actionable, they think that a little bit of hyperbole is now starting to enter this whole discussion and that the u.s. reaction may ha
obama's health care bill or whether what we've seen in the intervening years, i think there's less publicity drawn to them. john mccain, though, to his credit, he, no question, gets confronted. there was a big exchange back and forth last year about immigration. what i'm fascinated by, though, is the fact that we haven't heard as much about immigration, which i thought would sort of be the hot topic in these town halls. it hasn't bubbled up to the national level in terms of people talking about it. maybe it's to your point there just haven't been as many town halls to talk about it. >> the republicans insist it's more obama care, just another year but same topic. we'll see what happens and what they hear when they come back in september, i trust. chris, thank you. that does it r for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." remember to follow the show online as well as on twitter @mitchellreports. thomas roberts has a look at what is next on "news nation." >> good to see you. the naacp one of the groups suing north carolina over its controversial new voting law. will this pressure
's certainly got a problem with the hard core right for some of the things he did with president obama right before the election. he certainly has a problem with some of his more moderate stances. but that may be a problem for some but it may be an asset for others. so it remains to be seen. it's a long way away, as was said earlier. >> yeah, i think that's right, ed. one of the things, as a governor you know this, your first job is to be the governor. i mean chris christie, ed rendell, none of these guys are the working representative of the national party or their national committee. so i thought -- i thought what he did after that was correct. but i think that as we look forward, if nothing else, chris christie apparently appears at this moment to have a clear running lane that none of the others do. the others are going to have to knock themselves off the track. it may well be that christie gains some momentum an winning becomes more important than ideology. >> on the democratic side it looks like the lane is pretty clear for hillary clinton? >> it was in 2007 too, wasn't it? >> it was i
. we know that the regime maintains -- large scale. we know that the barak obama maintains use of chemical weapons in syria and uses the rockets that were use today to deliver chemical weapons on august 21st. the opposition does not. we also know that the opposition does not have the capabilities that the syrian regime has. and as i mentioned earlier, we have already had an assessment by the intelligence community with a high degree of confidence that the syrian regime has used on a smaller scale, chemical weapons, in this conflict already. so suggestions that there's any doubt about who's responsible for this are as preposterous as suggestions that the attack itself didn't occur. >> jay carney there making it very clear that they have no doubt and previewing the intelligence assessment that will be declassified sometimes we believe later this week. jerry lee bash served as chief of staff to former secretary of defense and cia director leon panetta in both posts and joins us now. let's go over what the mission is. take us behind the scenes in the war room, we're at the pentagon
'll be looking for all of your reports throughout the day and meanwhile president obama is finding himself in an international bind. he is re-evaluating says jay carney the bilateral summit with vladimir putin next month in russia now that putin has given tra temporary asylum to edward snowden. let's go to jim maceda standing by in moscow. jim, this is, of course, after six weeks and four days, edward snowden today released from the airport where he was held in limbo. he is now free for at least a year in russia but the white house says that this is now really putting in play the u.s./russian cooperation and the whole relationship. >> reporter: that's right, andrea. how many more amazing twists are we going to see in this snowden saga. all of us were expecting this to take months. he was going to sit back and settle into his thick russian novels but then his lawyer confirmed that russia had issued temporary asylum here. we've seen now those images of that not piece of paper, it is a real refugee passport, something that anyone would expect a passport -- july 31st, valid for a year as you s
Search Results 0 to 31 of about 32 (some duplicates have been removed)

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